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Hi, I'm Des, I set up Pressure King Driveway Cleaning in 2005 after hearing the same story from many home owners in Dublin who had been put under pressure to have their driveways cleaned on the spot by undesirables cold calling to their home, inevitably being wrongly advised and overcharged.

Over the last 13 years I have turned myself into somewhat of an outdoor hard surface cleaning expert, whether your driveway or patio is cobble-lock, sandstone, imprinted concrete or just slabs I will always be happy to advise you on the phone or in person on the best method to restore your driveway back to it's former glory if not better.   

My focus now is keeping our rates lower than our competitors while at the same time keep the quality of workmanship second to none which seems easy enough. We do not pay web design companies or media for advertising, we maintain this website ourselves therefore we have no advertising costs so we pass the savings on to you! 
We have acquired a large customer base commercially and domestically and we would love to add you to it.

Anyway, a quick word...

Before you allow anyone to carry out your driveway or patio cleaning, all weeds must be sprayed with an effective weedkiller.
Weeds usually takes between 7 -10 days to die using the highest strength products on the market. You will know when your weeds are dead as they will turn from a lush green colour to a dull yellow state.

Do not spray weeds if rain is expected within 6 hours or you will be pouring money down the drain as the rain will dilute the weed killer. If you choose to go ahead with cleaning your driveway before killing weeds then be prepared to say hello to your resident weeds a few weeks later. 
Pressure washing will remove leaves but not the root.

Pulling weeds out by hand will often result in snapping the weed leaves from the root allowing the weeds to re-grow within weeks so resist if you can and do not worry about moss as it has no root, the pressure washing process removes all moss. Kiln dried sand must always be swept back into all joints on a dry day after professional pressure washing has been carried out otherwise a perfect space is created for weeds to thrive. This sand blocks sun light from getting to the base, preventing weed growth as well as stabilizing the blocks.

Many are led to believe that sealing a driveway will prevent future weed growth, sealing a cobble-lock driveway will make your driveway look good for a while but in Ireland nothing will eliminate moss and weeds growing between the blocks due to our damp summer climate. We do not up-sell a sealing service as we know it is expensive and ineffective, we will talk straight and keep you wise.

So if your driveway or patio is being taken over by grass and weeds and you just want them blasted out tomorrow then call in the cowboys, alternatively you may contact us for a professional advise, friendly service and a quote that no one else will match. 

When requesting a quote from other companies always ask for their quote to include -
Weeds killed (takes approx 1 week)
Pressure washing
Sand replaced
Windows and doors to be washed
Front of house, pavement and road to be cleaned.

If you need further advice then we will look forward to your call and advise you wisely before you spend.

Des Thomson

Call us on 01 534 4715 for free advice or click here