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                      Driveway Cleaning from €89

Single Driveway (35m2) €125 €89 ~   Double Driveway (55m2) €200 €125 ~  Triple Driveway (75m2) €225 €150


Since 2005 Pressure King has been specialising in restoring cobble-lock driveway surfaces using state of art flat surface rotary cleaners leaving no mess behind. 

Pressure King Driveway Cleaning is Dublin's first choice for professional Driveway and Patio cleaning services at a price no other company can match. We take the time to spray all weeds on your driveway, failure to do so will result in the weeds returning within weeks. When we are satisfied all your weeds are dead to the root we proceed with the driveway cleaning process. Then we carefully sweep fresh kiln dried sand back into every gap in order to stabilize bricks and prevent further contamination of weeds and moss.

'Please be aware that pressure washing weeds out does not kill them as some will lead you to believe, fresh kiln dried sand must always be replaced between all joints to stabize blocks and prolong future weed growth'.
We are confident when we tell you that we offer the best Driveway Cleaning Service in Dublin. We deliver what other companies promise at a realistic price, we will never ask for any payment until all work is completed to the highest standards and most important you are satisfied.

Now you have made the decision that your driveway needs restored call Pressure King Driveway Cleaning and we guarantee to turn your surface back into the bright area it once was at a price no other company will compete with.

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